Solid Cushion Tyres Suppliers

Kragos is a solid tyre offering with a strong global reputation for the highest standards of quality, reliability and robust performance. Modern and built using the most contemporary tyre technologies, Kragos solid tyres offer a world of advantages to the modern-day material handling and industrial corporation, including superior performance, low failure rates & enhanced life which lead to strong cost advantages, efficiency in operations, safety & comfort for the equipment operator.

Kragos tyre has been designed by pioneers and leaders in the solid tyre industry, with combined experience of over 100 man-years amongst the senior management. The Kragos design & technical development team comes with backgrounds in research, technology and tyre development with multinational tyre corporations and has worked actively to create a new-age solid tyre technology, reflecting the most innovative engineering practices.

As a result, Kragos tyres have gained a strong reputation, track record and preference as the solid tyre of choice in almost every continent across the world.