Solid Wheels and Tyres

Kragos uses the best compounds, most ideally suited for diverse applications and requirements. The design and manufacturing technique, based on our unique ThermExpel technology further enhances the performance of our products. Therefore, Kragos offers the four distinct advantages of durability, performance, safety and longevity. The inherent principle of the ThermExpel technology is maximization of heat dissipation. As a result, Kragos tyres offer the following advantages:

  • High performance rating, leading to superior performance
  • Low rolling resistance, maximizing tyre life
  • Cushion effect to enhance operator comfort and reduce operator fatigue
  • Maximization of load-bearing capacity and enhanced tyre life as a result of low heat absorption
  • Substantial sustained cost savings - through superior shock loading characteristics (therefore, low wear and tear) and smooth functioning (resulting in minimized fuel & energy consumption)